Free From Worry | Matthew 6:31-34


Do you ever worry? It seems the Bible is full of commands not to worry, but how? Sometimes it feels like the only way to not worry is by not planning ahead, not being forward thinking. Sometimes it feels like the only way not to worry is to simply not think.

But it’s right there! Do you see it? Do you see the key to being free from worry. It is a lesson I’m learning, and it’s oh so sweet! When the first item on my agenda, the most important thing for my day all day is to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, my worry melts away. Suddenly the view of His greatness outshines the fears that fill my mind, no matter how dark or scary.

If something is weighing heavy on your heart today. Take a leap of faith and shift your eyes from the worry to Him. Let Him crowd out the fears in your heart as you trust Him more.


Be Anxious for Nothing | Philippians 4:6-8


Over the past few days I have been anxious. I am back from a trip and several days of being sick. My house is a wreck. My to do list is massive, and my sleep is messed up from being in a different time zone. Yet, when I read verses like this, I can’t help but pause.

How do I have time to present everything in prayer? And with thanksgiving? Then I realize I am being ruled by excuses and anxiety. What if I stop right now, even for this five minutes and tell God how stressed I feel rather then mindlessly scrolling Facebook. What if I thank Him for the work I got done yesterday or if I placed before Him my to do list for the day. What if I asked Him to open my eyes to the blessings all around and began to be thankful for my husband who helps with breakfast so I can have this five minutes right now. What if I am thankful that there is nothing outside of the normal routine on my schedule today (let’s not worry about tomorrow.)

Yes. It’s starting. God’s peace is taking the place of anxieties in my heart. He is filling me with thankfulness and a sense that everything will be OK. It is from Him that I will gain my strength. He has me covered and He is with me today.

Why don’t you try it. Stop scrolling and take five minutes to make your requests (and gratitude) known to God. You won’t regret it. 🙂

King of Mercy, King of our Hearts | 1 Samuel 12:20


God’s own people chose to turn against Him. They had the most perfect King, yet He did not rule on the earth, nor was He like all the other kings of the time. They wanted to be great in the eyes of their enemies. They wanted a king.

God’s heart was broken. His people again failed to see that His ways are far above our own. He sent rain and lightening and this caused the people to fear. What would God do to them?

Yet, our God is merciful. He sent word to His people through His servant Samuel. His message was one of comfort. “Do not fear, but serve the Lord.”

We have all sinned and messed up. Sometimes we mess up so badly we feel like we have crossed the line and there is no way back. But God says, “Do not fear.” He lovingly asks us to seek Him anew, to, from this moment, serve Him with our whole hearts.

Do not face today with fear for what you’ve done, but with gratitude that we serve a God who is faithful and longs for nothing more than our hearts. He does not hold grudges. 

Proud Fighter | Exodus 14:14


One of my favorite passages is found in Exodus 14:14. “The Lord will fight for you. You need only be still.”

I am a fighter. Some people see this as strength. Often it is more an issue of stubborn resolve – pride. I am faced with a challenge, and rather than surrender and trust God so get me through, I try to fight and muscle through the trials of life all by myself. Oh that I would trust Him sooner.

But what happens when I can’t fight any more? What happens when my resolve isn’t strong enough? What happens when, like the Israelites at the Red Sea, I’m surrounded and cornered?

The answer is trust. Trust that God is big enough. I must surrender to Him and let Him take care of my needs. But what if things are impossible? What if there seems to be no escape? “Do not fear.” God is strong and powerful. He is a God of miracles. I don’t know what armies surround you or what your Red Sea is, but God is saying to you, “Do not fear. Trust me. Let me fight for you.”

Trusting His Promises and His Timing | Genesis 15:1


From May 10, 2016

Fear, worry, and doubt can all be very paralyzing. They can hold us back from the very good things God has in store for us. Yet repeatedly in scripture we see the phrases, “Do not fear”, “Do not worry”, and “Trust in the LORD.”

Abram had no heir. He knew all he had would be given away and that his name would not continue on, but God promised Abram offspring more numerous than he could count. Over time, as He did not see the promise fulfilled, Abram again began to worry and fear and took things into his own hands, conceiving an heir in his own way and in his own time.

Yet, God had not forgotten. Had we waited a bit longer and trusted what the Lord promised, his story and the history of our world would have changed forever.

So many times I only trust God’s promises for a time. I trust His promise, but I do not trust His timing. Then fear takes over and causes me to take matters into my own hands.

Today I chose trust. Today I beg for patience. Today I will not live in fear.