Mighty Fix | Subscription Box Review

I love having natural things for our home, but I struggle with budgeting the money to make it happen. Shortly after we moved across country I found out about the Mighty Fix offered by Mighty Nest. For ten dollars a month, you get a package in the mail with an item to help you move toward a healthier and more natural home. I honestly have not had a lot of luck with subscription boxes. I find that I usually receive things I wouldn’t have bought and I won’t use. I don’t like having extra stuff in my house, so for me, these things are a nightmare waiting to happen.

I can’t put my finger on it, but something seemed different about Mighty Fix, so I thought I would at least try it. I figured the worst case scenario would be that I would spend $20 or $30 over the course of a few months, end up with a few unless things and cancel my subscription. Best case scenario, I would end up with some really awesome things for our house that I really could use. Why not try it?

I’m so glad I did!!

I LOVE my Mighty Fix! I get so excited every time I get a shipment notification. “Your fix is on it’s way!” ❤

It’s so easy for me to budget $10 a month for things for our home/kitchen. Every month except for one, I have received something that was already on my mental “need to get” list at a much greater discount than I would have been able to find otherwise.

If you are working on building a natural, healthy, and safe home I highly recommend checking the Mighty Fix out.  Check out this video for a little more information and to see some of the things I’ve received in my fixes.

P.S. I am in no way compensated for this review. I’m just sharing it with you because it is THAT awesome!



The Blog is Expanding

In case you haven’t already discovered them, I wanted to take the time to let you know about some cool new things going on around here.  First of all, there is a new expansion.  I’m going to be writing so much about homeschooling that I’ve made a sister blog.  I thought this would make it much easier to organize, and subsequently find any homeschool related posts I make in the future. You can get to Homeschooling at Jesus’ Feet right here:

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 6.48.30 PM

I’ve tried to make it easy to jump back and forth between blogs. I am keeping this blog as a place to continue to share more personal thoughts, ideas, revelations, etc. (some even homeschool related). Just make sure you sign up for updates on my homeschooling blog if you are interested in those topics as new posts won’t come through the At Jesus’ Feet blog feed.

Also, I am working hard and hopefully soon both of these blogs will be ad free. Whooppee!!

She Reads Truth | Resource

 If you’re ready to dive into some Bible study, and don’t know where to start, I highly recommend shereadstruth.com.  They have some awesome Bible studies and group studies.  You can do the current devotional with them or go back to the archives and do an old study.  I love that they include grace days if you’re joining them in real time.  When it comes to Bible study, sometimes mamas need a little grace.

I have been enjoying the app and use it for my daily devotions.  Before I go to bed  I turn my phone on airplane mode and opened the next devotion in the app so that when I grab for my phone I can start my day right away by digging into God’s Word without any distractions.  The ladies there also provide wonderful wallpapers for your phone like the one to the left. So, if you’re looking for something to help you dig into God’s word, check it out!

Daria World Music for Children


20040616_daria_002 2

Instruments, music books, CDs, videos, coloring pages, crafts and more – all about world music! Wow!

I was looking for resources to compliment the Early Explorer’s world music theme from Little Passports, and I was blown over when I found dariamusic.com.  My search is over.  I have everything I need. 🙂 Daria is a children’s performer who loves to travel the world. Her website is an amazing archive of instruments from all over the world.

I really like the page of crafts and coloring pages. You can make instruments with recycled materials from around your house.  If you have a colorer, you can print out coloring pages.  She also has an instrument section where you can listen to sound clips of the instruments.

There is so much more on her site than I could possibly cover here.  If you are learning about world music or cultures with children, you have to check it out!!

Have you found other great resources for exploring music around the world? Please share in the comments below!

Homeschool Family Tree Resource

I just found a fantastic resource for our homeschool! Samuel (4yrs) and I have been learning more about our family history – what a great place to start history lessons. I am working on organizing our study a bit more.  In my quest for useful tools, I found Familytreekids.com.  It’s such a wonderful starting place!

It has all sorts of resources and ideas for learning more about your family history.  It’s great for older kids to use on their own, or for younger kids (like in our case), parents can find some great ideas and pritable worksheets and activities to do with their kids.

Our plan is to print out the family tree and spend about a month (give or take) working on each branch. We plan to use some of the interview questions they provide as well as many of the other great resources.

If you are working on family history or genealogy as part of your homeschool curriculum, I highly recommend this website. 🙂

Pilgrim’s Progress Audio Dramatization (with Giveaway ;))

Christian and Hopeful, captives in the dungeon of the dread Giant Dispair are fleeing for their lives while the giant sleeps in his chamber. Their only weapon is a key of promise, given to them by the LORD of the Hill to unlock any gate or lock that stands in the way of their pilgrimage.  As they near their freedom, they approach a rusty gate and Christian struggles to get the key in the hole.  Finally, it budges, but despite throwing all his weight on the key, it doesn’t turn.  Christian turns to Faithful, imploring him to throw his weight on the key as well. In response to Hopeful’s hesitation, Christian proclaims, “If the promise be not strong enough to hold all our weight, than our entire pilgrimage be in vain.

This is only one of the many scenes from the audio dramatization of the Pilgrim’s Progress that has played over and over in my mind. As I have struggled with some difficult times in my life, this very scene has drawn me back to the promises of God, trusting in them despite circumstances, despite the temptation to believe His promises can’t be true for me, where I am, right now.  

Arlen (my husband) shares one of his favorite scenes:

As Standfast crosses over the river to the heavenly country, he stops to share with his friends all God has done for him and pours out his heart to them. “His voice has comforted me in my trials, His face I have turned towards as the flower to the sun, and His word has been my food and drink and medicine … by it He has changed me from a bull-headed drunkard into what I am this day, a man named Standfast … from the moment I first gave myself to Him He has held me fast to His heart … now, Lord, take me, for I come to you!”

This is what I long to be able to say at the close of my life – to share from my heart how God has changed me from a selfish and stubborn addict into an unwavering, humble and courageous man of faith! Hearing about the journey of others through this allegory has opened my eyes to so many areas of weakness, and yet also to how I can be made strong and live in freedom, with God’s peace and joy. Every time I listen to it (I’ve lost count how many), I am challenged and encouraged again in new ways. It never grows old.

It seems every time I listen to Pilgrim’s Progress, I am brought to new realizations of God’s Salvation, His love and what it truly means to be a Christian. I also love this series because it provides a fantastic opportunity to talk about some of the deep and important messages of scripture with children.  I have had many priceless conversations insue after listening to these stories with children in my home.

I believe that you too can find these resources to be a blessing in your life.  I contacted Jim Pappas, the creator of this fantastic set, and he is thrilled to offer one winner the mp3 download of Parts one & two of Pilgrim’s Progress.


Here is what you need to do to enter:

1. Visit the Orion’s Gate website and listen to the audio sample of Pilgrim’s Progress. Leave a comment below letting me know if you listened to part one or part two or both and what you like about what you heard. mandatory

2. Tell me why you are excited to have these amazing resources for your family – will you listen to them for worships, car rides. etc? mandatory

Extra entries

1. You can get an extra entry by poking around the Orion’s gate website and letting me know what else you find there that interests you.

2. Additional entries (one a day per site) for sharing this giveaway on facebook, twitter, or your own blog.

Winner will be randomly chosen using random.org.  This giveaway ends on Sunday, June 3 at 12:00 midnight EST.  Winner will be announced on Monday.