March 2014


I’m always so happy to see March. With it comes spring and tastes of warmer weather. We have been enjoying our many opportunities to be outside. Timothy especially enjoyed a wagon ride and creek splashing along the greenway. He stood up in the wagon proclaiming “Eeeee! Eeeee!” (his happy sound) all along our walk. He is beginning to communicate more in his own way. It is so fun to see him blossom!

Samuel has big news too! He is officially potty trained! He has done so well and had a quick transition. His current record is seven days with zero accidents! That is so good. He even stayed dry for our excursion to the zoo, which brings me to more fun in March.

Arlen’s aunt Phyllis was able to visit all the way from New Mexico. We enjoyed walks and chatting. The highlight of the visit was a trip to the zoo. Samuel doesn’t remember visiting the zoo when he was younger, thus he was excited when he saw all the stuffed animals in the gift shop. He thought THAT was the zoo. You can imagine his delight when I told him we were going to see real, live animals. For him the highlights of the trip were the carousel, watching the little zoo train, feeding the goats, the koi pond and the “bunny rabbits” (aka fennic foxes). Timothy enjoyed seeing all the people, crawling around when we would let him, and banging on some sitting blocks that were placed throughout the zoo.

Arlen started tilling the garden, which means the garden will soon be planted! I’m so excited! This year I’m focusing on making the garden fun for Samuel. We are going to have a bean pole teepee, a digging spot, butterfly feeder, toad house and all kinds of fun nooks and crannies. We even have a mushroom log so we can grow our own Shitakee mushrooms. Yum! One addition we will all love is the rainbow flower garden. :). This will be my first attempt at growing flowers other than pansies and merrigolds, so we’ll see what happens.

With the garden underway, we also signed up for this year’s CSA. I’m supper excited to see what fresh goodies we will have to accompany what our own little garden produces. I’m excited too as our weekly box will also contain fresh flowers and a home-baked loaf of gluten-free bread. Yum!

March has been a busy month. It’s hard to believe that April is already upon us, and along with it, Timothy’s first birthday. Where has the time gone?


December 2013: Transitions


December, loaded with festivities and traditions, is usually quite crazy. This December was no exception. We started the month off we the addition of our Jesse tree. This is a fantastic tradition I’m eager to bust out every year as it truly helps turn our focus on what the season is all about.

We began the major transition as Arlen wrapped up his third and final year of work at the family business to open his business again and work from home. This has been quite the change as it has also been coupled with me doing much better physically. The only thing slowing me down is the 20 hours a week it takes me to pump milk for Timothy.

Timothy is cruising all over the place, babbling as he goes, and Samuel is growing up so fast. He is really becoming a HUGE help around the house, brushing his teeth, clearing the table, tidying his toys and helping in the kitchen. It’s fun watching him acquire so many new skills.

Christmas was big for us with all of Arlen’s siblings and their families present. Unfortunately, so many of us were sick, and even now, into January are still getting over our illnesses. It was good to have everyone together though.

We took advantage of having so many family members here to have Timothy’s dedication. It was a wonderful private service. We are so blessed to be surrounded by friends and family who are eager to support us as we strive to raise our boys in the love of our Lord.

And with that, we say goodbye to 2013 and hello to 2014. I’m eager to see what the new year holds. 🙂