A Short Break

From time-to-time I will take a short break from regular posting here on At Jesus’ Feet. These devotionals are genuine and from my own time with the Lord. Sometimes, I struggle in life and simply fall at the feet of Jesus each day, seeking to press into Him. Other days I wrestle through Bible passages, spending days wrestling with God, longing to understand Him. And other times, I am learning deep lessons and resting in His word as He teaches me, but the content is not relevant to our studies here.

Keeping all these things in mind, I sometimes get behind. I’m behind right now. I plan to take two weeks off from posting new content so I can get caught up and get back to sharing Bible studies with you from Genesis.

In the meantime, if you  are new to At Jesus’ Feet, welcome, and feel free to check out some past studies (see below).

I look forward to being back soon, and would love to hear from you guys and what you are learning! What are you studying? What is God teaching you? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Morning Encouragement Series – Daily encouragement from God’s Word
Be Strong in the Lord – Learning to rest in the strength of the One who holds the world
Hebrews – Getting to know Jesus more
Ephesians – Walking with Jesus
1 Corinthians – All God’s children (this study only covers the last part of the book)
2 Corinthians – Comfort in Christ


Excuse the Break

Please excuse my absence over the last week. The time has simply gotten away from me. Have no fear though. I will be back to posting regularly on Monday. In the meantime, I would love to hear what you have been studying and learning from God’s Word this past week. 🙂

My Command Center| Time Management


I have always loved planning and thinking about things.  However, recently it dawned on me that I spend a lot of time planing and a precious little time doing. I was constantly overwhelmed. When my husband left for a 12 day trip to Australia, I was forced to figure a few things out, and I did.

I learned that I need to have a list prepared. I need to write down the every day thing that need to get done. If I don’t have my tasks written down, I find myself staring at mounds of dishes, toys, clothes, etc and feel so overwhelmed that I become paralyzed. On the other hand, I can find myself flat out racing, but leaving out some of the most important things. Then, when I need something to be done, it isn’t and I’m stuck.

I also learned the importance of staying one step ahead. I tried to work on breakfast the night before, lunch in the morning and supper early afternoon. In the evenings I would work ahead to prep breakfast. I often found it difficult to work up the motivation, but I knew how important it was, so I just pushed through anyway. I was shocked to find that each time I pushed through and did one thing, I had more motivation and energy to push through the next. I built on momentum.

I put these lessons together as well as a few others I learned, and I came up with my command center. This time management system has worked better for me than any other system I have ever used. I don’t know if it’s the system itself or my determination to push through and do what I know I need to do. I like to believe it’s a little bit of both. 🙂

I took a video of my command center so you could see how it is I manage my time. I would love to hear the things you’ve found work for you too!

UPDATE: I’ve had a few requests for PDFs for my zone cleaning and routines. Here are the links to the google docs for you to look at for inspiration:

Daily Routine
Zone Cleaning


Coming Soon . . .


I have had so many wonderful changes going on in my world lately.  One of the biggest changes is that I’ve started working from home! I have become an independent fitness and nutrition coach with Beachbody. I know . . . crazy right!?  I am so excited, but the past couple of weeks have been a bit overwhelming. I am loving every minute of it, but there is a lot to adjust to.

Add that to a family vacation coming up, and you will notice this blog will be a bit quiet for the month of May and possibly June, but have no fear! I am still writing and I hope when I am back from my “summer break” to have lots more recipes, herbal information, devotionals, and so much more.

I still plan to post regularly on homeschoolingatjesusfeet.wordpress.com, so don’t forget to check there for homeschool blogs.

Also, this is a great time for me to ask you, what would you like to see more of here on At Jesus’ Feet? I would love to have your feedback and post things that are relevant to you!

No Excuses Just Choices

I remember my band teacher in grade school used to call me “excuse girl”. I hated it at the time as I felt all my excuses for not practicing were legitimate. For some reason the frustration associated with that nickname has remained in my memory bank. Unfortunately so have the behaviors. I can come up with excuses for anything. These excuses have become my chains as they have led my life. “I can’t do that. I’m not _____ enough.” “I don’t want to be too ______” “I don’t have the time.” “I just can’t.”

My boys love to pretend they are firefighters, squelching the flames of a roaring fire. By God’s grace, I’m learning to be an excuse fighter, combating the flames of evasion.

I am reminded of a fire, a flaming bush, with an old shepherd who had countless excuses for why He couldn’t perform the tasks God was calling Him to. “What if they don’t believe me?” (Exodus 4:1) “I am slow of speech and tongue.” (vs 10) “Please send someone else.” (vs 13). It was as if Moses thought God didn’t already know his weakness and limitations.

God spoke to each of Moses’ excuses. He is the ultimate Excuse Fighter. In fact, Through His servant Paul, He has told us: ” I know how to get along with humble means, and I know how to live in prosperity; in any and every circumstance I have learned the secret of being filled and going hungry, both of having abundance and suffering need. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:12-13. 

In the same way I am learning to trust God. I am learning to hear His calling in my life. I am learning to fight the excuses. He has given me a new motto. No excuses; just choices. I am not a victim of my circumstances. By God’s grace I can choose how I spend my time, where I put my effort and what is worth fighting for. And, as long as I’m fighting the battles God calls me to, He WILL give me the strength I need to succeed. 

Dirty Feet and Righteous Humility

I looked down at my horribly dirty foot, covered in a week’s worth of filth. If it looked that bad, I could only imagine how bad it smelled, and suddenly I wanted to be anywhere else, asked to do anything else, yet I knew this was exactly where Christ wanted me. What I didn’t know was how profoundly an act of unselfish grace and humility would change my life forever.

It was a Friday night the summer of 2005 and we were wrapping up staff week at camp Alamisco. It had been a week of training, prayer and preparation as we readied ourselves for the hundreds of kids who would come through our campground over the course of the summer. This was my second year at Alamisco as a counselor and I couldn’t have been happier about the opportunities that lay ahead. This summer was already quite different than the summer before and I had no clue what all God had in store for me to stretch me and work spiritual muscles that I hardly knew existed.

It all started the first day of staff week. I joined up with a group ready to saddle up and hit the trails for a nice, relaxing horse ride. To make a long story short, what started as a basic equestrian excursion ended with this rider and her horse on the ground, rider trapped under a wagon wheel, a chunk missing from my knee, a seriously damaged finger and a trip to the emergency room. I started my first day of camp with a pretty substantial horseback riding accident (don’t worry, aside from a few scrapes, the horse was fine 😉).

I heard of accidents like mine where the ridder ended up with a crushed pelvis and extensive surgeries. We knew my pelvis was fine, but my knee was another issue. A very interesting visit to the ER (that’s a whole other post in itself) revealed that I had no broken bones, torn tendons or ligaments. I had a fairly substantial wound on my knee that would need close supervision and care and I had some tissue damage to both my knee and finger that would require physical therapy. I also had a straight leg brace as well as crutches that would be my companions for several weeks, but all said and done, I was quite fortunate.

After discussing the situation with the camp director, camp nurse, and my parents, we decided I would remain at camp. I could still do my job as a counselor if I had a cabin with no stairs. The first few weeks of camp we expected some older kids as SITs, staff in training. We would be sure I was given a very trustworthy apprentice who could walk with my cabin from event to event. I also had a switch of a secondary job. I was slated to work at the horse barn, but my injury matched with strict orders to remain on even ground made working at the barn totally out of the question. Due to the amount of wound care my leg needed and the rest I was required to take, we decided the best course of action was to make me assistant to the camp nurse (which turned out to be a huge blessing as there was an abnormally high level of accidents that summer.)


In less than a week after my accident, I had mastered the stairs with my crutches and the staff was doing a great job a catching on to when I would need a lift on the golf cart or four wheeler. Even though I had crutches, I felt unstoppable. The one thing I hadn’t figured out how to do well was wash my foot. Due to my leg brace I couldn’t bend my knee to reach my foot. I would squeeze drops of soap on it and rinse it as well as I could in the shower. Whenever I was at the lake, I would do my best to dip my feet in the water (though this was a challenging task). At times I longed to reach down and brush off the red Alabama dirt. (I wore flip flops for many reasons and in flip flops, it didn’t take long to have dusty feet.)

Yet, here I was. We had just wrapped up a wonderful vespers service and were ending with communion as a symbol of commitment to Christ to give ourselves that He may work through us to let His love reach these kids. The thing is, in our church communion is almost always accompanied by what we call the ordinance of humility. Just as Jesus washed the disciples’ feet in the upper room, we wash one another’s feet as symbol of the humility the disciples must have felt as Christ knelt down to wash their feet in that upper room. For them it was a deeply spiritual moment where Jesus was, in a small way, showing them the cleansing work He would very soon be performing in their hearts.

Humility. I never got it . . . until now. When I had taken part in this ceremony before, my feet had been clean. Sure, there was always the awkwardness of someone touching my feet and wondering if they stunk, but that was NOTHING compared to this. My foot was filthy. I couldn’t get close enough to smell it, but I was sure it stunk. It was swollen and ugly from my accident and I was not thrilled about having it be washed by the girl’s director – my immediate senior at work whom I didn’t know very well.

As Megan worked her way down the line of girl’s counsellors, I began to squirm. Suddenly I wanted to be somewhere else, ANYWHERE else. What would she say? How would she respond? I knew her well enough that she wouldn’t refuse, but would I see pain and horror in her eyes as she saw the task before her?

As she reached me, Megan looked up at me with her genuine smile and began to wash my feet. Both of them. She was oh so ginger and careful with my injured leg and made sure she wasn’t hurting me. I have to admit, the warm water felt good. She didn’t just splash some water on my foot and move on, but she gently rubbed off the gunk and grime that had built up from the week. As she prayed with me and continued working on the other girls, I sat in silence and wept. For the first time I really got it.

Before this experience, I had always come before Christ as I had come to footwashing. I may have felt a little awkward, but my feet were mostly squeaky clean and it wasn’t a big deal. It wasn’t until this experience that I realized what humility was all about. Now, I can’t participate in the ordinance of humility without tears. I imagine Megan kneeling in front of me with her bowl of water, gingerly, lovingly cleaning the filth off my feet. Then, I realize the filth in my heart, the wretched, stinking dirt caked on my soul. This is how I come before Christ. He takes my heart and gingerly, lovingly cleans the filth off, replacing it with peace and love like never before. What a gift. What a sacrifice. What amazing love. Now I get it. Each time I participste in foot washing, I am filled with righteous humility and it is beautiful, oh so beautiful. I am aware of my filth and it makes me ashamed to come before my God, but He never rejects me. Each time he tenderly washes me with a smile on His face and joy in His heart.

Sort of Chicken Seasoning

With all of the food allergies in our house, it’s hard to find a chicken seasoning or soup base mix we can use. When I do happen to find them, they are super expensive. I finally decided to make my own. After reading the ingredients on some of our favorite (but expensive) options, and noting the relative quantities, I busted out our kitchen scale and had some fun. This recipe was the result and we use it for soups, to flavor beans, mashed potatoes, patties – you name it! Basically any time a recipe calls for chicken seasoning or soup base, this is our go to.

You will need a kitchen scale for this recipe. I usually make a double batch each time. To create a soup base or mock chicken broth, add approx 2 tsp of the finished mix per cup of water. You can adjust based on your tastes.

  • 0.075 kg Salt
  • 0.03 kg Nutritional Yeast
  • 0.003 kg Basil (dried)
  • 0.002 kg Parsley (dried)
  • 0.012 kg Onion Powder
  • 0.011 kg Garlic Powder
  • 0.005 kg Tumeric Powder
  • 0.003 kg Celery Seed (ground or powder)
  • 0.001 kg Dill Seed (ground or powder)
  • 0.001 kg Sage Powder

I add all these ingredients to a jar and shake, but you can use a bowl and spoon too.

Have fun with this recipe. Feel free to adjust the amounts according to your tastes. You can use less salt, but I like to keep it in and rarely add additional salt to my recipes. If you like some spice, add pepper or chili powder. I’d love to hear the ways you use this fun seasoning. 🙂