Bible Study Notebook

When you think of Bible study what is the first thing that comes to mind?  What about your 10, 13 or 15 year old?  Often kids think of boring reading in an isolated corner, yet these years are an excellent time to develop independent study habits. My Bible Study Notebook provides a creative platform to give your child tools to study the Bible regardless of learning style. It includes creative, hands on and traditional ideas for review, deep study, application and scripture memorization.  There are ideas for everyone (even you might find some ideas to liven up your own personal time in Scripture).

Download the printable PDF of My Bible Study Notebook for FREE!

You can also download:

The Parent/Teacher Guide: includes a key to help you know how to find the right activities for your child’s learning style.

Learning Style Quiz and Ideas: Learning style quizes to help you identify your learning style or your child’s learning style along with additional Bible study ideas for adults and children not listed in My Bible Study Notebook.


8 thoughts on “Bible Study Notebook

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  2. I love the notebook style that you used. I am very interested on how you created the paper and being able to write on it. I am in the process of making Bible stories for my grand children and i love this look.

    • That’s so neat that you are making Bible stories for your grandkids! I used Microsoft publisher and used the line tool to make all the lines to mimic a piece of paper. May God bless your efforts!

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