Life is a series of changes and adaptations. I am striving to grow and change as a Christian wife and mother. I used to think things were fairly formulaic with black and white answers, but I’m learning that God calls each person to change and grow differently. The key is taking the time to listen to His voice and trusting Him enough to follow wherever He leads.

Currently God is leading me on a path of simplicity. I am trying to learn how to simplify and step away from the crazy demands of the world, how to buy and consume less, how to have less stressmore family time, and ultimately live a life centered in God’s will.  I am learning that I have to reconsider and question every aspect of my life, especially the things I do just because they’ve always been done that way.  Sometimes I find the answers challenging and counter-cultural, but I know God will give me the strength I need to make any changes He asks me to make.

My blog chronicles my growth as I learn, at Jesus’ Feet, along with my family (husband Arlen and sons Samuel and Timothy). I’m eager to share my journey through homeschooling, allergy-free cooking, parenting, herbalism, natural health and whatever else God places in my path. My blog posts are not polished, professional works, but mearly windows into my heart. 

Feel free to join in the discussions, ask questions and share your thoughts. I value your ideas.