Everything that Has Breath


A Psalm of Praise. That is the title given to this short Psalm. And that is just what it is. “Praise the Lord!” (vs 1). But what does it mean to praise the LORD? How can I praise Him?

According to Google, the word praise means, “express warm approval or admiration of.” David writes of doing this through song and in various places, but how do we praise Him without continually breaking out in song and dance? How do we praise Him when our voice is weak? Even a weak voice has breath, and the challenge here is that everything with breath should praise the Lord.

So today, that is my challenge. I am going to look for ways to praise God through the fog of exhaustion. I will find ways to tell my children of His wonderful goodness. I will seek to see the awesomeness of simply who He is, beyond what He does for me. And you know, even just as I sit here and think about the many ways to Praise the Lord, (especially the opportunity to point my children to Him through the joy of a new fruit on our plum tree or thanking Him for granting courage to face a scary dark room) my joy grows.  What a wonderful blessing.

Sometimes praising God is easy, but in the dark it can be hard. Yet, He is still worthy of our praise. And in through praising Him we can find light.

How will you praise the LORD today? I would love to hear the wonderful things He is doing for you and in your life today!

And, just for fun, here is a song to help you keep the voice of praise in your mind today:


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