What You Have is Enough | A Widow’s Mite and Mustard Seed Faith


Today I’m straying from our study in Genesis. Something else has been on my heart.

The past couple of days have been a struggle for me. Sometimes there is a real need, a need that must be met. A need that I long to meet. Yet, I am unable. Whatever the reason, I truly don’t have enough ability or resources. I am not equipped to meet the need.

Usually when I hit this point, it’s actually easier for me to move forward, trusting that God will work a miracle, trusting that He will provide that need. Yet, sometimes He says, “No, not this time. That’s not what I’m calling you to.”

I’m struggling with “no.” My head gets it, it truly does. But my heart doesn’t understand. Why is God asking me to support from the sidelines, when I long to do more. Suddenly, I feel like what I have to give isn’t enough. I feel like what I have to offer won’t truly make a difference. I feel like what I have doesn’t matter.

But wait . . . that’s not what God says. Remember the widow who had two mites? Jesus saw her gift and was filled with joy by her offering. When God speaks about faith, He doesn’t ask us to have loads and heaps, only faith the size of a mustard seed. There are so many more stories like this in the Bible.

God does not want us to become discouraged by focusing on what we can’t do. He wants us to faithfully and with a joyful heart give what we can and trust that HE will do the work to grow our gifts to whatever they need to be. Wow. For some reason, that seems to take so much more faith than getting in there and doing it myself. Yet, I know, that by giving God the canvas AND the paint brush, the masterpiece will be so much more beautiful.

It’s easy to look at our meager offerings – be it two mites, a simple prayer, five minutes, a smile, a small gift of cheer – and feel like it’s only a tiny band-aid for a gaping wound, but we must not become discouraged. Especially during this season of giving, it’s so easy to feel like we have so little to give. (I’m reminded of the Drummer Boy song here.) We must not let that discouragement let us stop giving.

If you feel God tugging at your heartstrings, don’t listen to the voice that says what you have is not enough. Listen to God’s voice saying, “Give what you have cheerfully, my child, and I will bring forth the harvest. You plant only a small seed, but I produce a mighty tree.”


3 thoughts on “What You Have is Enough | A Widow’s Mite and Mustard Seed Faith

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