A Needle in a Haystack | Genesis 24:27


A needle in a haystack. I’m sure that’s what Abraham’s servant felt like he was searching for when embarking on his quest to find a wife for Issac. There were some seemingly impossible criteria to be met. Yet the task was not impossible.

I don’t know why God was so gracious to make the work so easy for Abraham’s explorer, but the very first encounter was a great success.

Sometimes God asks for the impossible. It is so easy to get discouraged and become overwhelmed, but I’m seeing a strong pattern throughout the life of Abraham; God will never ask us to do something without giving us everything we need to follow His plan. The biggest struggle seems to be lack of faith, but Jesus told us that all we need is faith the size of a teeny tiny seed (Matthew 17:20). 

What is God asking you to do today? What impossibilities lay before you? Take heart and trust that God is enough. He will supply all you need.


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