A Heart Transformed | Genesis


God is patient and His love can change hearts. That’s the ringing message I heard today as I was reading about Abraham.

Throughout his life we have seen a struggle in his heart. He has had moments of great strength and trust in God’s words, but he has also been filled with much doubt.

The time has come for his son to marry. Based on Abraham’s past choices, I would expect him to find some way to secure any relationship for his son. But that’s not what we see here. He understands the importance of Issac remaining true to God, the importance of not being overcome by cultures and practices that will pull Him away from that vital connection. And this time, He trusts. He trusts that God will do what He says. 

A transformative work has happened in the man who lied about his relationship to his wife twice, who failed to trust God would provide him an heir, therefore having a son with another woman. I believe something big happened in Abraham’s heart through the obedience of sacrifice. A sacrifice that God provides the ram for. Wow.

If God can change Abraham’s heart, if He can have patience with Him and not give up, surely He is long suffering, surely He is loving, surely He can work miracles. I choose to take hold of God’s promise. If He can work change in the heart of Abraham, I trust that He can transform me too.


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