This Time . . . He’s With Us Every Time | Genesis 21:18


My heart goes out to Hagar. She had been in this position before. This time Sarah had borne a son and the jealousy among the two regarding which son would be Abraham’s heir was great. This time Abraham sent away not only Hagar, but Ishmael, his first born son.

Hagar was alone in the wilderness again. This time the child she carried in this predicament before was with her in the flesh. He was hungry and scared and crying. From one mother’s heart to another, I can only imagine the thoughts that must have been running through her mind at this time. As someone who has been in a deep valley and by God’s grace, conquered only to fall in the same pit again, I can only imagine the questioning and confusion that must have been pulsing in her mind.

And Hagar did the one thing she knew to do, the one thing that brought her salvation before. She raised her eyes to God. She lifted her voice in pleas for mercy. God heard the cries of Ishmael. He heard the voice of Hagar. He was there with them and He never left their side. No matter how dark or lonely the road ahead, He was with them, and He would not forget them.

God never leave us. He never forgets us. No matter how invisible you feel, no matter how many times you have fallen in the same pit, no matter how neglected you feel, no matter how powerless, hopeless, discouraged or overcome with grief and confusion you are, God is there. He has never left your side. Lift your head to Him, and like Hagar, He will give you the strength to rise up and go on.


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