Trusting Through the Questions | Genesis 18:32


Destruction is something that is difficult to understand. Wrath and punishment from a loving God is another. As a parent I understand that discipline is necessary, and at its core, a true display of love; but ultimate destruction?

Why did God destroy Sodom? Was it really so bad that all hearts were hardened? Was it truly impossible to save any? So many questions. Such deep heartache.

Yet there is hope. From Abraham, I see that I need not be afraid to ask these questions. Abraham pleaded with the LORD to save the city, to save his nephew and family. Abraham too, struggled to understand. But God was patient, and He will be patient with me too.

His ways are far greater than ours, His knowledge and understanding more vast. Yet, as a Father, he is patient with our ignorant questioning. He treats us with tenderness, and takes our requests into consideration. And ultimately, He asks us to trust Him even when we don’t understand. Trust. I’m seeing a theme here.


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