Redemption | Genesis 17:16


Summerizing the Bible in one word is really an impossible task, but at this moment, if I had to do it, I would say, “redemption.”

God’s redemption is seen again and again as he works in lives of individual men and women, entire groups of people, and ultimately mankind as He gave His life on the cross.

God cares about the individual. He cares about His promises. We see that here in the lives of Sarah and Abraham. As we have seen before in previous stories, Sarah messed up in some pretty big ways. And from what I can tell, she still believed the promise to Abraham for an heir, for vast descendants, did not apply to her. She still doubted God’s promises. Maybe even more now that she was in her nineties! But God had not forgotten His promise. He did not give up because of lack of faith nor because of mistakes made along the way.

God reached down to Abraham and Sarah. The time had come. His promises were to be fulfilled. He would not neglect Ishmael, the child who came from so much mistrust and misunderstanding, but the promised child, Issac, was soon to arrive.

Abraham’s faith and Sarah’s faith were still so weak, but God’s power and love was strong.

No matter how impossible God’s promises seem, no matter how weak our faith, no matter our colored past, God longs to reach down to us. He will fulfill His promises. He longs to give us redemption. His love is never ending.


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