The God Who Sees | Genesis 16:13


The story of Hagar is one that totally breaks my heart. This woman was forced to bear a child for her master’s husband, then was hated, despised, and rejected for the very thing she was forced to do. Then, she was cast out, pregnant, with no food, shelter, water, nothing. Can you imagine what this woman was going through?

Hagar truly believed she was going to die. Alone, scared, with child. Oh the thoughts that must be racing through her mind. Feelings of hopelessness, of confusion, frustration, feelings of worthlessness and despair.

But through the darkest of nights, God reached down and offered Hagar hope, a glimmer of light, life. He saw her, He knew her, He Loved her. God offered her and her child redemption. He offered them love. Even Hagar – worn, used, forgotten, and unloved. God reached down to lift her up.

God sees you too. No matter what has happened to you, no matter how invisible or worthless you feel, God longs to step into your story, to speak words of hope into your life. You matter to Him. He loves you. He sees you.


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