My Context of Brokenness | Genesis 16:2


This story has been so hard for me to grasp in so many ways. It is also an important story for the history of our world. This one decision made out of desperation, and Abram’s willingness to listen to the advice of his wife rather than trusting the word of God has made a profound impact on our world – one that has caused great fighting and tribulation even thousands of years later.

I understand that with this story, there are so many cultural undertones that I cannot begin to grasp, yet there is one thing here, one thing that truly speaks to my heart. How often am I like Sarai or Abram? How easy is it to stop trusting God’s promises when they seem to be failing? How easy is it for me to believe that the context of my broken world is greater than the context of God’s perfection? How easy is it for me to follow the ideas of someone else rather than fully trusting the word of God?

Our God is trustworthy. His promises are true from Eden to today, they have been tested again and again, and every time, God has proven Himself to be and do just as He says. Oh Lord, that my faith may grow and that I may trust you more!


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