Bittersweet Promises | Genesis 15:13


Frankness. Bittersweet words. A promise of hope. A promise of enslavement. A promise of redemption. Wow! What a night for Abram.

God gave him an amazing promise, the promise of an heir, of vast descendants. Yet, within the promise, there was a bitter truth. These descendants would be oppressed and enslaved for a VERY long time. Wow! How disappointing. How discouraging.

But, I’ve noticed something about God’s promises. They are filled with truth. Things are not candy coated. But they are also filled with hope. God promised Abram hope. Hope through an heir, and hope of deliverance from the oppression they would experience.

I feel so blessed to serve a God filled with truth. He tells us like it is, not letting us chase after empty fantasy. I am also filled with joy for the hope He gives us. He is always there. He always provides a way out. Hope never dies.


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