Of Armies and Family | Genesis 14:14-15


Family. Family is so important. We see that here in the story of Abram coming to Lot’s defense against the armies that captured him. That’s right, I said armies. Not army.

It would have been easy to list all the can’ts and shouldn’ts and all the ways he would be defeated, but that’s not what Abram did. Not only was Lot part of His family, but so was God. When God is in your family, when He is the leader and commander, the can’ts and shouldn’ts melt away.

God was big enough. He was with Abram. He enabled this small army to defeat the larger and more skilled armies. He restored Lot, his family, and even all of his possessions. Wow. Just wow.

My prayer is that I can daily set God as the commander in chief of our family, of our home that He may ever lead and guide. May I trust Him and have faith that He can overcome any obstacle, no matter how scary as long as I let Him lead. With Him, I can have faith that my family is in the best hands.


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