Servant Leadership and Trust | Genesis 13:11


Servant leadership. It’s a buzz phrase in our culture today. We know that to be a true leader, we must follow the example of Christ and lift others up before ourselves. Sometimes this can be easy. It can be easy, and even fun to shower those we lead with good things; but what if those good things truly require sacrifice on our part?

Abram gave Lot the choice of which land to chose. Some of the land was fertile and abundant in every good thing. It seems the rest of the land was acceptable. LOT chose the best, the really good stuff where he knew his flocks would thrive.

Abram did not bat an eye. Was it that he trusted God would supply all his needs? Was it because He truly longed for the best for his nephew? The Bible doesn’t say. But, we do see here in Abram a picture of servant leadership, of sacrifice.

Looking at this story, and the story of the greatest servant leader one thing comes to mind: trust. To be a servant leader, to give selflessly and to serve wherever God calls, we must trust Him with our whole hearts. We must trust that He is big enough to cover all our needs.

May I learn to trust Him more every day!


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