Hold On! | Genesis 12:12


Have you ever had the privilege and frustration of watching someone on the cusp of major growth in their life? They are on a path for true success, but then something happens. They get scared, they give up, they stop trusting in God, and take matters into their own hands. It’s like you are screaming from the sidelines, No!!!! Keep going! Hold on!

I can’t imagine how many times God does this daily. Here with Abram we see it again. God is a God, but Abram did not trust that in truth, God was big enough to protect him and his family. I don’t know that we will ever know, but I often wonder what would have happened if Abram had told the truth? What mighty ways could God have worked to show His love and His power?

Of course, with all this, I can’t help but wonder where I lack faith and trust. I can’t help but wonder where my failure to trust makes it harder for God to work in and through me.

Oh, LORD, may I trust you more!


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