Rainbows of Hope | Genesis 9:13-15


It’s so amazing to me how timely God’s word is! I know many of you are dealing with the aftermath and flooding of Hurricane Matthew*. I know others who are going through or are dealing with the aftermath of other horrid storms of life. Have you seen any rainbows?

Rainbows have become so much more beautiful to me. They are a sign of love and hope, and they remind us that we can trust God’s promises. After the flood, God acknowledged the sinful nature of man (Gen 8:21), yet He loved us. He even validated our value and worth to Himself despite our sinfulness (vs 22). He sent the rainbow as a promise – a promise that floodwaters would never again fill the earth and wipe out man; but to me the promise runs deeper. It is a sign of God’s love, of His decision to accept us as we are and to not give up on us. His decision to love us despite our wicked hearts. It also reminds me of His plan. You know He has a plan. He will not leave us in this wicked state forever. He has sent a redeemer, and He will come for us again. What hope! What love! What a remarkable love note in the sky.

Today I pray that God will send rainbows in your clouds that you may be reminded of His love, that you may have hope, and that your faith may grow.

*This post was originally written on October 9, 2016, during Hurricane Matthew.


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