When the Water Gets Muddy | Genesis 7:1


Have you ever really read the account of the flood in the Bible? If not, you should. You might find a few things missing compared to the stories you’ve heard growing up. Sure, some of these things can be inferred, but as I approached this passage from a new lens, seeking the character of God, a passage I thought would be clear-cut suddenly became muddy.

What happens when we read the Bible and find things weren’t as we thought? We prayerfully study and seek understanding, and we hold fast to the things we know.

God cares for us – we see this in the fact that in His grief, God did not wipe out man entirely. He provided an escape for Noah and His family to preserve man-kind. He loves us just as much now.

God cares for all His creation – He could have forgotten about the animals, started over again with that part of creation, but no. Wether it was for man and his enjoyment or simply His own care for the animals, God sustained them as well. Care for all of His creation is still important today.

God always provides a way out – the ultimate Salvation is found in Jesus Christ. This is the sweetest gift and the most precious show of love ever.


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