Adopting a Challenged Race | Genesis 6:6


This morning I was struggling a bit, searching and seeking the heart of God in these passages, but I found myself filled with question after question and few answers. Why did God create man if He knew what would happen? Was His heartache even greater than He thought it would be? How could He wish to destroy mankind? How bad must things have gotten?

Then, it started making sense. Adoption and foster care have been on my mind and heart for as long as I can remember. It is a topic that often comes up in our home. Inevitably, the conversation somehow ends up on the trauma that some of these kids have faced. Some of these kids have deep, deep scars, thick walls and coping mechanisms that are frightening to deal with. I hear wonderful stories of transformation where adoption has totally changed a child, giving him or her the love, stability, and help they needed. But not all the stories are happy. I also hear stories of families that have been torn apart in major ways, parents and children who have suffered so much. Most look back and say they wish they would have known more. Some regret their decision to adopt, but most love their child so deeply, they wish things could have been different, but this is their child and they will love him/her no matter the choices they make. Yet their hearts break, and they suffer much.

I picture God as an adoptive father. He was not naive to fact that these children would make some bad choices, and over time these choices would affect generation after generation and the picture would not be a pretty one. He understood the severity of the problem. Yet, He loved man so much, even knowing what He was getting into, He moved forward with His creation, with His plan, and ultimately His adoption of the human race.

Things were bad. God’s heart was broken. He knew something had to happen, but still, as always, He would give His children a choice. He loved them so much that He would let them chose a way out.

No matter what you’ve done. No matter where you are in life, know that it is no surprise to God. He chose you and He loves you and He wants to offer you a way out too.


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