God’s Broken Heart | Genesis 3:6


Innocence. It’s the thing we long for for our children. This world can be so cruel and we wish they not have to see some of the ugliest and cruelest of things. It’s refreshing in our crazy world to find children who are still children and adults who have not become calloused by brutal and ugly events in their lives.

This was not God’s plan. He longed that we would remain unscathed by the wicked ways of the devil. And that path was simple. Adam and Eve were given everything – ultimate freedom. Only one thing was off limits. That one thing was too enticing to resist and oh, it cost so much, too much. It was not worth it.

I can imagine God’s heart breaking as parents of today who watch their children make choices, bad choices, choices that rob them unnecessarily of innocence, joy and happiness. It’s enough to break my heart, and I’m sure I only understand a piece of how God’s heart broke that day.

But, the beauty of our LORD shines through. He did not reject His children. He did not abandon them. True. They could no longer live in the garden, where they would have access to the tree of life, but He could not bear to be separated from them forever. Yet He knew they were now marred with sin and sin cannot dwell in His presence. He made a plan. He immediately set things in motion. He promised never to leave His children. He promised there would be a day when they could be together again. And, He was willing to make the biggest, greatest sacrifice imaginable to make it al happen.

Wow! What an amazing Savior!


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