The Eager Anticipation of a Father | Genesis 2:7


As I was reading this morning, I imagined a family eagerly preparing for their first child. Often the nursery is set up just so, the house is baby-proofed. Things are made ready for this special addition to the family.

God was so excited about Adam. Before his arrival, He set up the garden of Eden, decorated with the most beautiful plants and flowers. It had the tastiest fruit and even a special tree created for the sole purpose of giving Adam long life. Everything was perfect and beautiful, set in place to bring Adam joy and health and life. He would not be bored or question the love of God in this beautiful surrounding.

Often when we think about God the Father as our father, we forget about the eager anticipation, love, and excitement He has for each one of us. God loves us so much. He is so excited for us. He has great plans for us and He is eager to watch us grow.

What an awesome Father we all have.


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