Focus and Encouragement | Ephesians 5:18-20


We live in a culture that thrives on sharing other people’s dirt. We pick everything and everyone apart in our news outlets, we relish in entertainment that spreads people’s dirt. We gossip and spend much time focusing on the negative things around us, tearing one another down.

God does not ask us to turn a blind eye to the things that are displeasing to the Lord, rather He wants us to vigilantly guard against them. But how, in a world that is so overcome with focusing on the struggles, trials, and failure of others?

The answer is consistent throughout scripture. We must keep our focus on Christ and allow His Spirit to dwell in us. His love will well up in us and we will be filled with songs and joy, thanksgiving, and encouragement. These are the things are world needs.

Will you allow Christ in your heart today. Keep your focus on Him and he will shine from you as a bright light in this dark world. People need the warmth of His love. Will you allow Him to shine through you today?


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