More of Jesus, Less of Me | Ephesians 3:17-19


Paul was in chains. He was in a position where he could easily play the role of martyr and try to use his situation as a way to gain supporters and earn sympathy, yet he didn’t. Rather than drawing attention to himself, Paul pointed people to what they really needed – the love of Christ. He focused on the only One who had the power to truly save souls – Jesus Christ.

I love the prayer Paul is praying here, and it is one I want to pray for my kids, my friends, my family, everyone really.

That Christ would grant you strength of spirit, that Christ would dwell in your heart and that your faith would be rooted and grounded in love; that you would know how truly, deeply, amazingly and fully Christ loves you. These are my prayers.

I am beginning to see more and more the depth of Christ’s love for me. The more I see, the more I understand how little I really grasp – the awesomeness of His love is far too great!


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