The Most Precious Gift | Ephesians 2:8-9


I cannot read a chapter in the Bible that I do not find bursting at the seams with God’s love for us.

Because of the sins of Adam and Eve, we were a race destined to destruction. You see, sin cannot dwell in the presence of God, it will always be consumed. Yet, God made a way, promising to send His Son to be our sin.

Through Abraham, God raised up a nation, a nation that would be called His people. A nation to carry His truth. Through this people, God would bring salvation through Jesus Christ. Yet, when Christ came, He did the unimaginable. Not only did He provide salvation to His chosen people, but He looked at all the peoples of the world and said, “This gift is for everyone. You are all my children. I long for you all to dwell with me forever.” The only condition placed on this amazing gift of love is that we must love Him in return. That is all.

Salvation is the most precious gift, yet the cost to us is so small. It is not a gift for the elite or the “good”. It is not a gift for only one group of people. It is a gift to all, not earned by any. God loves you so much that He wanted YOU, yes that’s right, you reading this thinking I’m talking to someone else, He wants YOU to have it. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, where you come from or the doubts in your mind. Know that He is big enough to love you, save you, and change you from within. How cool is that?!!


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