He is My Constant | Hebrews 13:8


All the things I’ve been reading about Jesus are as true today as they ever have been, and they will always be true. I have a relentless advocate in Him, one who understands my struggles and temptations. He has laid down His life for me and is ever ready to guide my steps. And that will never change!

I have been learning a lot about who Christ is through my study of Hebrews, and I stand in awe of His character. How amazing is it to know that He will never change? He will never take back His promises. He will not grow weary of advocating on my behalf. He won’t give up on me, and He won’t stop loving me. He won’t change His mind or switch the “rules of the game”. He is constant. In a world that is changing at a rapid pace, whose cool thought or idea today could be taboo tomorrow, isn’t it refreshing to know that Jesus is always the same? He is my constant.


One thought on “He is My Constant | Hebrews 13:8

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