Trusting Him Enough to Rest | Hebrews 4:9,11


What does rest really look like? When I think of true rest, the first story that comes to my mind is the one of Mary and Martha. Mary understood rest. She “got it”. She took the time to set aside all the business, stress, and even the needs of others to rest in Jesus and to drink deeply at His feet.

It seems so hard to trust Jesus enough to rest. We are a culture addicted to keeping busy. I find that there are often so many demands around me – even good things, even things God commanded us to do like care for the poor, orphans, and widows. Yet, God never commanded us to do these things INSTEAD of rest. It is resting in Him that enables us to do all of this.

Yet, it requires trust. We must trust that God is big enough, strong, enough, and faithful enough to “cover” all the demands while we rest. We must trust that He will keep us and that His arms are strong enough. We must be faithful and obedient and rest in Him even when there is so much to do that it seems impossible. Can we trust Him that much?

What about you? Have you learned to rest in Christ? Do you trust Him enough to drink deeply at His feet? How can you rest in Him?


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