Jesus is Enough | Hebrews 2:18


As I’m reading Hebrews 2 this morning, I’m simply overcome with a sense of how much Jesus loves us! He calls us brother – which in and of itself is huge. He came to this earth to render death powerless over us. He offers us help that even the angels do not have! He longs more than anything to free us, to save us, and He can! He actually already has. We just have to reach out and embrace it.

I have been struggling with a bad attitude and a quick temper with my boys this week. It’s not their fault, and I could list a slew of reasonable excuses. The reality is though, that I am focusing on self and failing to take hold of the promises God has given me. This passage gives me hope. It gives me hope that Jesus is enough. He overcame temptations on earth far greater than a quick tongue and a hot temper, and He will help me. He WILL be with me today. By His power I will overcome.

What will Christ, in His amazing love, help you overcome today? What peace will you gain from knowing He is there with you, loving you today?


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