Free From Worry | Matthew 6:31-34


Do you ever worry? It seems the Bible is full of commands not to worry, but how? Sometimes it feels like the only way to not worry is by not planning ahead, not being forward thinking. Sometimes it feels like the only way not to worry is to simply not think.

But it’s right there! Do you see it? Do you see the key to being free from worry. It is a lesson I’m learning, and it’s oh so sweet! When the first item on my agenda, the most important thing for my day all day is to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness, my worry melts away. Suddenly the view of His greatness outshines the fears that fill my mind, no matter how dark or scary.

If something is weighing heavy on your heart today. Take a leap of faith and shift your eyes from the worry to Him. Let Him crowd out the fears in your heart as you trust Him more.


One thought on “Free From Worry | Matthew 6:31-34

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