Be Anxious for Nothing | Philippians 4:6-8


Over the past few days I have been anxious. I am back from a trip and several days of being sick. My house is a wreck. My to do list is massive, and my sleep is messed up from being in a different time zone. Yet, when I read verses like this, I can’t help but pause.

How do I have time to present everything in prayer? And with thanksgiving? Then I realize I am being ruled by excuses and anxiety. What if I stop right now, even for this five minutes and tell God how stressed I feel rather then mindlessly scrolling Facebook. What if I thank Him for the work I got done yesterday or if I placed before Him my to do list for the day. What if I asked Him to open my eyes to the blessings all around and began to be thankful for my husband who helps with breakfast so I can have this five minutes right now. What if I am thankful that there is nothing outside of the normal routine on my schedule today (let’s not worry about tomorrow.)

Yes. It’s starting. God’s peace is taking the place of anxieties in my heart. He is filling me with thankfulness and a sense that everything will be OK. It is from Him that I will gain my strength. He has me covered and He is with me today.

Why don’t you try it. Stop scrolling and take five minutes to make your requests (and gratitude) known to God. You won’t regret it. 🙂


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