King of Mercy, King of our Hearts | 1 Samuel 12:20


God’s own people chose to turn against Him. They had the most perfect King, yet He did not rule on the earth, nor was He like all the other kings of the time. They wanted to be great in the eyes of their enemies. They wanted a king.

God’s heart was broken. His people again failed to see that His ways are far above our own. He sent rain and lightening and this caused the people to fear. What would God do to them?

Yet, our God is merciful. He sent word to His people through His servant Samuel. His message was one of comfort. “Do not fear, but serve the Lord.”

We have all sinned and messed up. Sometimes we mess up so badly we feel like we have crossed the line and there is no way back. But God says, “Do not fear.” He lovingly asks us to seek Him anew, to, from this moment, serve Him with our whole hearts.

Do not face today with fear for what you’ve done, but with gratitude that we serve a God who is faithful and longs for nothing more than our hearts. He does not hold grudges. 


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