From May 11, 2016

Issac was just born. God kept his promise to Abraham. He would have an heir. Yet now there was a problem. What would happen to Ishmael?

Sarah’s jealously flared and her fear of Isaac losing his promised inheritance outweighed her compassion for human life. Hagar and Ishmael were sent away with only a flask of water.

Scared, rejected, and alone, Hagar positioned herself but a short distance from her crying son. She could not bare to watch him die, but with no water and being alone in the desert, death seemed inevitable.

But God did not forget his promise to bless Ishmael as well as Isaac. He sent an angel to comfort Hagar. He led her to a well. He reached out to Hagar and watered her soul and her body. He kept his promise, and somehow, even in the wilderness, they grew and were blessed.

Are you cast out, rejected, despised and afraid? Are you stuck in your own wilderness with nowhere to turn. To you God says, “Do not be afraid.” Just as with Hagar, He will lead you to water. He may lead you out of this wilderness as he did the Israelites in years to come, or He may walk with you through it, fulfilling His promise even in the vast emptiness. Whatever He does you need not fear. He WILL bless you. All you have to do is say, “yes” to Him.


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