Trusting His Promises and His Timing | Genesis 15:1


From May 10, 2016

Fear, worry, and doubt can all be very paralyzing. They can hold us back from the very good things God has in store for us. Yet repeatedly in scripture we see the phrases, “Do not fear”, “Do not worry”, and “Trust in the LORD.”

Abram had no heir. He knew all he had would be given away and that his name would not continue on, but God promised Abram offspring more numerous than he could count. Over time, as He did not see the promise fulfilled, Abram again began to worry and fear and took things into his own hands, conceiving an heir in his own way and in his own time.

Yet, God had not forgotten. Had we waited a bit longer and trusted what the Lord promised, his story and the history of our world would have changed forever.

So many times I only trust God’s promises for a time. I trust His promise, but I do not trust His timing. Then fear takes over and causes me to take matters into my own hands.

Today I chose trust. Today I beg for patience. Today I will not live in fear.


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