Crossroads | Matthew 7:7

Crossroads. Waiting. Questioning. Searching. Longing for truth. Longing for direction. Seeking purpose. I know so many people (including myself) who can relate to one or all of these descriptions. We long to see God’s direction. We long to be filled with His Holy Spirit. Yet, it’s so easy to give up, to become discouraged, and to let our circumstances and the world around us become greater and bigger than the promises of God. 

God has promised to give us what we are asking for, but we mustn’t stop asking. He has promised to help us find what we are seeking, but we can’t give up the search. He has promised to open the doors of Heaven to us, but we can’t stop knocking as if no one is home. We must believe His promise. We must cling to His truth. We must trust His words and never give up. 


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