Radical Anxiety Relief | Matthew 6:33-34

Stress and anxiety are at an all time high in our nation. So many of us feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to relate to the world around us. So much is changing so fast and we have more information thrown at us than we can possibly process. Yet amidst all this, God commands us not to worry. 

He doesn’t just leave us there though. He stoops down and shows us the way. At first glance His solution is simple, but when we dig a little deeper, we find it is radical. We must first seek after Heaven. We must first seek after righteousness – Christ’s righteousness. 

What would our lives look like if we really did that? What if seeking Jesus first with all of our hearts, what if reaching for Heaven became the most important thing in our lives? What would things look like? How would they change? It’s ironic because this way of living requires total and complete surrender and trust. It’s enough to cause a bit of anxiety on its own. 

Yet, if God cannot keep His promise here, then all else is in vain. He is faithful and He is true. My prayer today is that He can shift my eyes toward Heaven, that I may learn to trust and depend on Him more each day. 


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