The Ministry Begins | Matthew 4:24

Jesus’ ministry had begun. His time was here, yet it was clear from the beginning that Jesus’s work, His reign, His deliverance would not be what everyone expected. 

His ministry began with Him being baptized rather than baptizing. He spent forty days of fasting and temptation and was then tended by heavenly armies, not earthly ones. He gathered a band of fishermen, sinners and unknowns to be his closest network. Where were the big names and people of great influence? Jesus did not begin gathering an army and organizing a force of renegades determined to bring change and freedom. Rather, He began loosing people’s chains of sickness, freeing them from the chains of their own bodies. With His love and words, He soothed the soul and mended broken hearts. 

The people had prayed for a savior, a liberator. God heard their cries. He sent His very own Son to bring the freedom, yet because their pleas were not answered in the way they expected, so many were confused and missed the blessings. How often does God answer our prayers in unexpected ways, but due to our myopia, we fail to see His work in our lives. 

My prayer is that God may open my eyes today that I may see His work around me – that His ministry may not go on unnoticed. I pray that He will shift my focus from seeking physical liberation to seeking His wonderful liberation of my soul. 


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