Scattered Liniage | Matthew 1:17

Genealogies. I have to admit, as I read through the Bible I often skip the long lists of names and move on. But this time, I was struck by the beauty of the list. Of course there are names that everyone has heard of like David and Abraham – people who were fully devoted to God and who served him with their whole hearts. 

There are also names of people we know virtually nothing about, people who seemed to be only a whisper in time. 

There are people like Amon and Ahaz who did evil in the sight of the Lord. Yet they have not been forgotten. Their names remain in the genealogy as participants in the coming of the Messiah. 

There are poor, rich, royal, wicked, unfaithful, unwavering, strong, converted, and the list goes on. 

This record tells me so much about the God we serve. He has amazing plans, and He truly loves and longs to use us all for great things. It doesn’t mater where we come from or what we have going for us. It also shows me that He loves us so much that He refuses to force us into obedience regardless of the great work He has in mind for us. 

Wow – what an awesome God we serve; a God who would use a scattered lineage to bring us the greatest gift of all – Jesus. 💝


2 thoughts on “Scattered Liniage | Matthew 1:17

  1. I have to admit I did some skim scan over Chronicles and the first part of Matthew several times haha. So I have this wise old friend, he’s 91 years old and he’s my coffee buddy, and one time he walked me through some of the lineage of Jesus and how through the lineage it showed how Jesus was the only one who could really ever qualify as the Messiah, especially considering the curse upon Jeconiah and Zedekiah’s family and how Judaism really couldn’t have a messiah other than Jesus. It’s actually really fascinating, even though I always thought it was pretty dry material in the past!

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