We Do Not War Against the Flesh | 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

Teachingis thegreatest actof optimism.

In a world of violence, fear, and uncertainty, the most important battles to be fought do not require weapons of steel or fire, rather weapons of love, prayer, truth, faith, righteousness and the Word of God.

Even as I type this, I am struck with the thought of soldiers training for battle. They spend months in training. They condition their bodies, they practice following the orders of their commander, they learn to work together and study tactics. Yet, once they have graduated from training, their training never ends. They continue to work on all of these areas of growth. Their very lives depend on it.

What if we viewed spiritual warfare with the same drive, passion, intensity and urgency? What if we treated deciphering God’s voice and scripture with the same intensity as physical training? What if we practiced prayer, and encouragement with the same precision as one wielding a deadly weapon? What if we studied our Bibles with the same exactness as studying the enemy territory? What if we guarded our righteousness with the same vigor as guarding our lives?

Wow. What a thought to ponder.


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