Redemptive Transformation | 1 Corinthians 15:9-10


When we think of Paul we think of a great spiritual leader. We think of all of his preaching, letters, and missionary journeys. He was truly a servant of Christ. Yet, we often forget his dark past.

We hear about Christian persecution and we shudder, but do you realize that Paul led the slaughter of Christians. He was the opposite of all the thing we attribute to him.

But, something amazing happened to Paul. Christ came into his life and suddenly a murderer and leader of persecution put down his hatred, laid his violence to rest, and sided with Love. Suddenly the one who destroyed lives became the one who gave hope and pointed the very ones he suppressed to the life giving water they longed for. 

This transformation gives me goosebumps, and not only because of the amazing transformation in the life of this one man. It gives me goosebumps to think of the depth of grace and power and love that our Savior has. He came to earth that the vilest of men. People like Paul, could find redemption and transformation in him. No one is exempt from this amazing, life-altering power – unless they don’t want it. God’s love is so big that He doesn’t even force it on us. He offers it to us and let’s us choose. To me, the choice is obvious and oh so beautiful!

“What a wonderful savior is Jesus my LORD. . .”


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