The Beauty of Diversity | 1 Corinthians 12:5,6


When I look at the world around me, I am always in awe of the beautiful diversity there is. I have a friend who is really good at account management, noticing the smallest of details and keeping everything running smoothly. I have another friend who is an amazing mom. She has more patience than anyone I’ve ever met. One friend is the most caring doctor, truly longing to meet her patient’s deepest needs. I know so many more people and have so many more friends, and each of them is genuinely and truly beautiful in his/her own way.

I’m going to be honest: when I was younger, I used to look at all of these people and want to be just like them. I was disappointed if I didn’t meet the same standards I felt they met. But I forgot two really important things. The first is that I am not them. Each person offers  such valuable gifts, and skills. They all have weaknesses too. It is this amazing blend of gifts and weaknesses that makes up the beautiful tapestry of people on this world. It is through these unique abilities, and even struggles, that we are able to see a clearer picture of the Master Weaver knitting us all together.

The second thing I forgot is where all of these gifts, skills, and strengths come from. They are not to be credited solely to the individual who possesses them. No. These are all manifestations of gifts given by God, a direct result of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. I have access to that very same God and He is amazing. My focus needs to remain on Him and on seeking His help to develop the gifts He has blessed me with. They may not be as bright and shiny as I feel other gifts are, but they are valuable, they are needed and, most important, they are special – from my Creator.

The same is true of you as well! You are valuable. You are special. You are needed. God has given you gifts that are a beautiful part of this wonderful diversity. Sometimes we get overwhelmed, and it’s hard to even see what our gifts are. If that is you now, I urge you: stop looking at the gifts of others and reaching for what they have. Rather, turn to Jesus. Seek what He has to offer you, and look for the amazing gift He has promised you. Don’t stop looking. It might be where/what you least expect.


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