The Good of Your Neighbor | 1 Corinthians 10


It’s easy to feel suffocated by the hate, tragedies, and lack of consideration we see all around us. What makes it challenging is that, in our digital age, we can’t get away from it. The media, our Facebook feeds, even the comments on our own posts. We have become combative and myopic.

But, as can be expected from such a loving God, we have been given a solution in God’s wonderful love letter to us. He has commanded us to love. Change begins with love. It does not start with pushing an agenda or arguing our point. It comes from love. As we interact with others let our goal be one of service, seeking the good of our neighbor before our own.

It can be hard to love with so much hate around. It’s easy to become defensive, to fear that the important things will be forgotten, to fear what will happen if we don’t speak out, but “perfect love casts out fear”.  That perfect love comes from Christ, and his love is stronger than all the hate and fear this world can muster.

Don’t choose hate or fear today, chose Christ and allow His love to overflow in you. Be the change by loving your neighbor today – by seeking his good first. Christ will give you all the strength and love you need.


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