Morning Meditation | New Series

Morning Meditation

A couple months ago, on very separate occasions, I was talking to moms of young kids who shared how they longed to have regular devotion time every day. The struggle with this life stage is that with small kids, schedules can be unpredictable and sleep is often in small supply. Getting up early or going to bed late isn’t an option in many cases.

My heart was longing to do something. I have struggled with these seasons in my life, very recently, in fact. After praying for a while and looking for resources, I decided I would share one thought from my morning devotions on Facebook every day to help encourage the soul weary mom. I wanted to keep them short, but real. My hope was that in just a short amount of time that mom who longed for spiritual food for her soul could read what I shared and have something to meditate on as she went about her day.

Of course, I’m a mom with young children myself, and there are days I miss. I don’t have an amazing epiphany every day, but what I share is very real from my time with Jesus in the quiet hours of the morning before my little ones are up. My writing is not polished and there are many typos, but my hope is that these little thoughts can be encouraging to you too.

I am going to move my morning meditations to my blog so that I can more easily organize them if anyone wants to go back through and read them by topic, book of the Bible,  or whatever might be more encouraging and nourishing. I will still be posting on Facebook as well.

My hope is that you will join me in the morning. If you would like to share what you are learning from your devotional time on your blog, feel free too, and leave your links below. The more we share, the more others will be encouraged.

I may double up for a bit here while I transfer what I already have from Facebook to the blog.


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