Car Sick Stick

It’s April. The weather is getting warmer. Warmer weather calls for adventures, road trips, nausea. If you are like me, you will understand insisting on sitting in the front seat, and, under no circumstances reading maps, looking at directions or reading books to entertain passengers. I get car sick. I’ve actually found that since being pregnant, my morning sickness has stuck around in the form of an excessively weak stomach.

I was so excited to stumble on some information about aromatherapy for nausea a couple years ago, and I was eager to try it out.  A road trip to Kentucky confirmed that there, indeed, was something to say for this great little remedy.  (I find it’s more effective to use the car sick stick when I first start to feel nauseated rather than waiting until it’s really bad.) This is the recipe I came up with for a simple inhaler.  I keep one in my purse at all times, and do my best to make sure we have one stowed in the glove box. I haven’t had occasion to try, but I’ve heard from my friends that it also helps with nausea after surgery and morning sickness – hooray!

All you will need is an aromatherapy inhaler (sometimes called an aroma stick) and some essential oils. (If you don’t have an aroma stick, you could add a couple drops of the blend to a diffuser as well, though that doesn’t travel quite so well.)

You can add the essentials to a bowl and then rub the absorbent pad of the inhaler in the oils with tweezers (do not touch oils with your bare hands). Or, you can just pop the absorbent pad into the inhaler and add your drops directly there.

6 drops Red Mandarin
4 drops Ginger
2 drops Coriander (I prefer to use coriander CO2 for this recipe, but the essential oil works just fine too.)

Have fun adventuring!


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