Chamomile Steam Fort | Herbal Cold Care

One really fun thing to do when your little one has a stuffy nose is to build a steam fort. This will help clear the sinuses and aid in cold recovery.

Start with boiling your water. While that’s heating up, build a tent or fort together. Get creative and try to make one covered on all sides so the steam won’t escape.

Gather blankets, pillows, games and books and get comfy. And don’t forget the tissues. Bring lots of tissues.  By now your water should be boiling. Add a good-sized handful of chamomile to a bowl and pour the steamy water on top.

Put the bowl in the fort where it won’t get knocked over and snuggle, read, and play together while the steam clears the sinuses. If the chamomile stops steaming, add more hot water.

If you want you can add other herbs or essential oils like lavender and lemon. For adults, you can add peppermint and eucalyptus and make a tent out of a towel over your head. Be sure to be careful around young children as the water is VERY hot and can burn. For a little one you might want to set the steaming bowl on a table nearby where the little one can’t get to it.

Have you tried a chamomile steam? What other herbs or oils do you like to use? What’s your best fort design? What are your favorite books and games to hunker down with? I’d love to hear from you!


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