Getting Kids to Drink Herbal Teas

One question I get asked a lot is “How do you get your kids to drink herbal teas?” Honestly, my main advantage is that I simply don’t have picky kids.  Often Samuel will even ask to drink the broccoli or pea or whatever water after we cook veggies (and that’s really just a veggie tea).  However, there are times when my kids aren’t crazy about certain teas and there are a few tricks that help.

Like with most things, if you really want your kids to like herbal teas when they need them, try to have fun with them when they don’t.  Have tea parties, let your kids make all sorts of concoctions and introduce them to teas in lots of way.  Mostly – have fun with herbal teas.

One of the best tricks is turning teas into popsicles.  This is especially helpful in the summer when it’s hot outside, but my kids really like popsicles even in the winter.  It’s funny how freezing makes just about any liquid taste better. 🙂

You can also find some teas that your kids like and add them to any other herb you are trying to get your child to drink from tea.  For example, if your wee one likes rose hips or hibiscus, chamomile, or peppermint, add it to whatever tea you are trying to get down the hatch.

If all else fails, sweeten the tea.  There are a few ways to do this.  The most common way is adding raw honey, but there are other ways too.  When I make tea for my boys, I brew a really strong batch and then mix 1/3 part tea, 1/3 part water, and 1/3 part juice or apple cider.  They LOVE that and will drink just about any tea prepared that way.

How about you? Are there any ways your children particularly likes their tea? What are some of their favorite blends? In the picture up there ^^, Timothy is enjoying one of his favorites.  It’s a blend high in vitamin C with rose hips, hibiscus, lemongrass and cinnamon.


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