Homeschool Log | Jan. 31 – Feb. 5

This week the boys wanted to start a new unit all about how things work.  We got off to a bit of a slow start due to a rib injury I sustained, but there were still many lessons to be had.

We read about simple machines and inventors from history.  We also listened to stories about Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington Carver, Henry Ford and other great inventors.

We played with electricity, and gears and built a remote control lego-like truck. At the library we picked up all kinds of books about inventors, inventions, electricity, simple machines and other things that will help us learn how things work.

Samuel decided we should build a play house in our back yard.  We got the OK from the landlord and found a plan we like.  We are waiting on a cost estimate for materials and then we can make a plan and see if it’s feasible.  How much fun would it be to build a playhouse together? I hope it works out.

Even though my plan kind of went out the window, I’m calling this week an educational success.


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