There’s Something for Everyone

So many of us want to make a difference, to leave our mark . . . yet we feel defeated. We want to add something meaningful to this symphony of life, but feel trapped by our circumstances; this thing called reality, that pesky nemeses who steals our dreams and replaces them with something dimmer, something harder, something far less noble.

But wait, maybe reality isn’t the nemeses after all. Is it possible that reality is our ally and perception out foe? Reality is in Christ. Reality is being part of a body in which even the weakest parts are indespensible (1 Corinthians 12:22).

I often feel like an eye, seeing the hurt of others but lacking the capability of the hands to dress a wound. I feel like an ear hearing great sorrow without the capability to speak words of comfort. And quite often, the eye feels blinded by darkness, the ear plugged with the chaos of life. Yet I long. I long to be the flower among the thorns, the apple of my Father’s eye.

Perception. Is it truly about perception? Lord give me ears to hear and eyes to see, and please tune this instrument to the perfect pitch of your Spirit. Help me not be blinded by the darkness or to deaf from the chaos of this world. Help me to trust that if I am an eye, I can see. You will help me see what needs to be seen so the hand can do it’s job well, for without the eye, the hands cannot be as delicate and precise. Lord, if I am an ear, help me hear the intricacies of the songs of your children that the words spoken for their comfort may reach to the depths of their souls.

Help me to trust you, to understand that though I can’t see my mark, You still hold the quill. Help me to trust that though I feel defeated, You are victorious. Help me to understand that a reality different from my dreams doesn’t mean I bring dessonence to the beautiful sound of the orchestra, rather it means I’m singing a lovely harmony that matches the melody I have yet to hear. Help me remember, that just like the members of the body, there’s something for everyone . . . even me.


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