It’s a Journey

12038283_10207803359704245_5791049135623336579_nEvery time I come back to my blog and start writing again, I wrestle. It’s hard to write on a blog that’s not fresh and up-to-date. I tend to want to refashion and repurpose it for the place I’m at now. I want to delete all of the seemingly irrelevant parts and start all new, bright and shiny and squeaky clean.

I also feel like I need to make a commitment, like I have to purpose to write on a schedule and have wonderful gems to share on topics that are near and dear to my heart: learning to live a life of stronger faith, family, natural health, homeschool, recipes, etc. I also find that I tend to want to nail down how my YouTube channel and my blog will work hand-in-hand. Then I think and I plan and I aim to see it through to success – whatever that is. And I do it. . . For a few weeks, sometimes even a few months. Until I ultimately burn out and become overwhelmed. I am silenced and have little to say.

Yet, as I reflect even on this process, I am again brought to the title of the blog – the title that has remained the same these past ten years. At Jesus’ Feet: learning daily from the Master Teacher, and that still rings true. Life is a journey and I am ever learning. I have learned many lessons over the past ten years and I have many more still to learn. I have shared some of the lessons and others have stayed closer to my heart, not to be published on the World Wide Web.

So here I am, writing a post again. I’m not committing to writing more or on certain topics or for a set amount of time. But, I am embracing the journey. I am embracing the ups and downs the times to share and the times to hold close. So here I go.


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